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Sometimes, when the time passes by, while being in a relationship, we get used to the same things, the same routine, the same activities… And then everything becomes monotonous, the spark begins to fade, and the seed that was growing so fast gets stuck because the light is going away. But, don’t worry, if you feel that you are going through the same with your partner, let me tell you that this is totally normal in the wonderful world of relationships, and if you want to change this boring dynamic, this is the article for you.

Speak your mind

It’s not a surprise that communication is the main pillar of a healthy relationship, and if you feel stuck and wanted to change some things around, you better tell your partner. On the other hand, as Morten Jensen, for Medium, states “communication is more than just telling your partner what you need. I would argue that it is equally important, if not more important to actively listen for what they need”, and this is a truth that we normally ignore, since we humans don’t know how to listen to each other properly, since our thoughts are around when we should be focused to listen to each other thoughts. So, take a deep breath and clear your mind while you talk with your partner, in this way you will understand their point of view and you both will maybe come to a place where the ideas to bring back the spark are everywhere.

Respect each others space

Now, this is where it’s easier to get lost when you have been in a relationship for several months, since the limits between your space and your partner’s mix up and the difference that made them special in the beginning begin to change. In this case, you need to comprehend that your partner is a whole universe, and it needs to have their own experiences without you, as well as yourself. Go out with your friends, plan a trip with your BFF, go hiking to the mountains, and enjoy your time with yourself, and then when you both have more new stories to tell, go and make more together! The key’s to find balance in being together, because sometimes you can get tired of being in the same space with someone for a long time, however, don’t worry, if you talk with your lover and trust in them, your relationship will grow up to the sky.

Trust is the key

We all know that this precious concept is a key to relate with each other. According to Andrea Bonior, for Psychology Today, “trust is one of the most crucial building blocks of becoming emotionally intimate with someone; it’s absolutely fundamental for a healthy, close relationship”. Now, let’s take a moment of introspection and ask yourself the following question; do you really trust in your partner? If the answer is “yes”, then congratulations! You are doing amazing, I’m sure that your lover truly appreciates the trust you place in them as they do with you. If your answer is “no”, then it will be a really difficult journey if you decide to stay with them. However, don’t think that you are a terrible person, I know that we all have our reasons to be more cautious when we are giving our trust to someone, after all, if our heart was broken once, it will definitely leave a mark. In this case, you need to use that learning from previous relationships and think that if you are planning to stay for a long time with this wonderful person, trust will give you and them freedom. Our fears distort our reality, they make us believe that everyone wants to hurt us, but the truth is that we are the ones that hurt ourselves when we push people away from our lives. So if you are afraid of your partner going out with their friends, take a deep breath and think that you can’t cut their wings and if this person truly loves you they will not hurt you, and if they do, it’s time to pass to the next page.

Time to water the seed of your relationship

Don’t forget that when you share your life with someone, you need to make them feel that you care, because even if they know, acts are better than words. And of course this is not a one-person job, both have to give the best of each other so that the time you spend together will always be full of surprises, love, new memories, new friends, and the best part, is that it will last for a long time.

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