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Music and sex… That’s right, most people know that this is a very good combo, these are two things that very few people don’t like, and of course many have realized how well they go together, anyone who has experienced sex and played music while doing it will probably say it made the experience even better. If you haven’t tried it it’s about time for you to do it, since you will discover a whole new world of senses. Sex and Music have a lot of things in common that make them very compatible, and one of them is that they are both things that we already knew we liked, since thousands of years ago, and we intuitively knew they were good for us.

But now, thanks to modern science we know exactly how and why these two things feel so great, and also why they complement each other so well to enhance our experience. Of course we didn’t need science to enjoy this, just try it and you will see, mixing sex and music is a pretty obvious conclusion to anyone who has experienced both things, they both give us pleasure, but they also affect our emotions in a very deep way.

Chemistry class

Nowadays we know that most of our feelings and emotions come from the brain, they are regulated and triggered by chemicals that are produced and released inside our bodies. This has permitted us to understand and explain some emotions such as anger, joy, stress or pleasure. These chemicals are also responsible for regulating our biological processes and metabolism, some of them are quite familiar to most of us, such as Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine (All linked to emotions, and positive emotions such as reward, happiness or pleasure). So when scientists applied this knowledge to sex, they understood why it feels so great.

Of course, during sex our brains produce an explosion of chemicals that are associated with happiness and pleasure, especially the three chemicals mentioned above, are released during or immediately after an orgasm, and they are present in sexual relationships in men and women. This explains why an orgasm feels so good, but what does this all have to do with music?

Well, this is where it gets really interesting, according to recent research, when we are listening to music our brain also produces these chemicals, as Barry Goldstein states in his article for the Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, music does not only affect the brain as an emotional experience, it is also a physical effect. This is caused by some hormones like oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as the “cuddle hormone”. As it is related to bonding and feelings of love and trust. It can be produced by singing, for example. Also, according to Goldstein, listening to music can produce peak emotions, which raise the levels of dopamine, a chemical substance that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. So as you can see music and sex produce very similar things on us, although in very different ways, the chemical processes by which our brains respond to them are closely related.

Equally beneficial

We all have seen those articles online, or in a magazine that tell us about the benefits of sex, even we have one. There are also articles of the same kind talking about music, but what’s interesting about this, is that some of those benefits are the same! As Suzanne Boothby explains in her article at Healthline, music has been found to be a unique method to aid patients with Alzheimer, as it can help the brain find or open new neuronal connections to access memories, while sex can also boost your memory as Arielle Tschinkel states in her article at Insider. Other common benefits you can get from both music and sex are related to fighting depression, lower stress and anxiety levels, relaxation, increase in brain activity and enhancement of overall cognitive functions.

Ancient knowledge

An interesting aspect that could help us understand the narrow link between sex and music is one of the most ancient and extended human activities: Dancing. As I said before, humans have intuitively known the benefits and the importance of both sex and music for a long time, but they also know their link. Dancing is an activity that not necessarily but essentially links these two things. Dancing may or may not be performed along with music, but obviously it Is linked to music, and most likely also comes from it.

In this sense, dancing can be understood as way of expressing what music makes us feel with our body, but it is also very likely to be a way of expressing our sexuality, in most ancient cultures dancing was a way of expressing sexuality and showing our abilities and vital energy. Being linked with fertility, dancing traditionally highlights the traits associated with fertility and those of a suitable match, biologically speaking, that’s why in most dancing traditions and styles women usually move their hips, showing them off as a sign of sensuality and fertility, while male dancers usually focus on showing their energy and strength through lively and skillful moves, highlighting broad backs, shoulders and arms. Also, in many ancient cultures dancing has always been being a way of courtship, just as it is today. If you have been to a night club you will probably know what I’m talking about.

Kirsten Sollee, in her article for Bustle, explains some ways in which sex and dancing are related, she shows some interesting facts about dancing, for example: that women dance differently depending on their stage in their body cycles, making wider hip moves when they are in their fertile stages, as men’s moves differ according to their levels of testosterone. Also, as many women have noticed, dancing skills can be often a measure of a man’s bedroom skills. This is not magic, it is due to the fact that dancing, at least in its origins, was a way of expressing sexual traits, skills, and desires.

A great combination

Now, we’ve been through many cool facts about both music and sex, and we have seen how intimately they can be related, but what happens when you mix them both? Why is listening to music during sex such a good idea? Well, if you take a look at what each of them produces you will find the answer, also, you will understand it perfectly if you simply try it. Music brings us together, as Sydnee Lyons explains in her Elite Daily article, 67% of the couples that listen to music together reported to have more sex that the couples that don’t. This is due to the fact that when music is sounding, your brain cells start working at a rate that synchronizes with the beat, and so do your partner’s, this connection brings us closer and also produces oxytocin.

Music can really affect our mood, the rhythm can make us feel more energetic and excited, it can make us feel powerful, and sexy, of course these feelings will boost your confidence and will set you in the perfect mood for a passionate and maybe even kinky sex encounter. But that’s only one side of the matter, as music can also make us relax, and be in a much more “emotional” mood, as we mentioned above, if music can make us produce oxytocin, and oxytocin is sometimes called the “cuddle” hormone for being related to bonding, well, you do the math. The right music can be the perfect partner to a romantic and meaningful sexual experience… There are infinite possibilities, infinite possible combinations, as there are millions of different kinds of music, and also many different kinds of sexual encounters, you just have to start exploring this vast world to access a whole new universe of fun, joy, and emotion.

Now it’s your turn to explore

Of course, given how closely music and sex are related, it is no surprise that many people have thought of this and selected some tunes that they especially like to listen to during sex, and it’s the best idea you can have, if you haven’t started building you own sexy playlist you should get to work on thinking what kinds of music can “get you in the mood”.

The internet is full of articles and lists about what’s the best music to listen to when having sex, or before the sex to turn you and your partner on. There are even many playlists for sex on Spotify and other platforms. Checking them out is a very good way of exploring how music affects you and your partner during sex, and what kind of music can produce the best sensations for you.

Personally I like using R&B music, especially The Weekend, or some indie music such as The Internet or The Neighborhood, but I also enjoy classic rock, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, or Led Zeppelin can really turn me on with those guitar and drum solos, the empowering feeling of other kinds of rock are also very welcome in my bedroom. Some Hip-hop songs also have that sexy spice that is so hard to identify. But also classical music, the ethereal or epic, refined melodies are also very good company for a sexy moment alone or with a partner. Finally to give a sexier touch to my night mood, I usually wear lingerie that my boyfriend helped me choose out from the catalog of the website.

As you can see my list is very varied, as my music taste. These recommendations might be helpful but no one can give you the list of songs that will best suit you, this is due to yet another thing that sex and music have in common: When it comes to either of these things, each person is unique. There are no general laws that determine what makes a person a bad lover, or a music piece a good one. Every person has different personalities, a different physic and different body-chemistry, but not only that, we also might feel like having different kinds of sex according to our mood or other conditions, just as we sometimes want to listen to a specific kind of music and sometimes we prefer another. So the only way to know what’s the best music for you is to explore and find out for yourself! Don’t be shy, go into your music library and try the tunes you like best to see how they combine with your sexual preferences and experiences, you might discover interesting things about yourself.

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