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The Truth About Lingerie

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It is not a secret that in these times women are feeling more empowered, they want to try new things, to free themselves and their bodies. Lingerie has taken an important role in this discovery of freedom. As we know, lingerie is a synonym of sexy, hence the purpose of buying it, to wear it is to look and feel sexy, and not only because of a special night. Do men care about lingerie? Have you ever bought lingerie for yourself or to enjoy with that someone who drives you crazy?

Sexy because I want to

Ladies, let’s be real, we buy lingerie for two reasons; “that would look amazing on me” and “oh, that’s so cute”. Of course, we want to wear it for special nights, but we also wear it when we are alone and hearing that artist that make us feel sexy, powerful and confident.

This is the time when we finally get to decide what to wear and when. According to Brooke Bobb of Vogue magazine, we have come to an age when women design lingerie for women, I mean, do men even know what is best for us? I don’t think so. Now, that we see the world through the glass of diversity and feminism, the lingerie clothing is also changing its shapes. As we can see in the fashion industry, the acceptation of all bodies made designers re-think the way they see clothing. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, if you have curves, or if you are skinny, etc. there is a piece of lingerie waiting for you. 

On the other hand, the numbers went up in the statistics of the big retailers of lingerie, according to Rachel Felder from The New York Times, during the quarantine, women bought more lingerie than ever before. And the reason behind the raising of the sales, was that feeling when you see yourself in the mirror with that cute and sexy lingerie you bought, a mix between joy, fieriness and empowerment. Who doesn’t want to feel that way? Take a look at our catalog and find that special lingerie that is waiting for you.

Choosing with your partner for that special night

In that moment when you are with your partner, and you were wearing that special lingerie you just bought for that night, expecting that he notices how incredible and sexy you look in it, but the only thing he did was take that beautiful piece of clothing off as fast as he could, without saying a word. We all have been there, and of course these are not all the cases, but do guys really care about lingerie?

As Hannah Smothers from Cosmopolitan magazine wrote, no, most of them don’t care about lingerie. They only want to take that barrier off, and is possible that we thought that they might like it because of the way the lingerie is selling to us, to be sexy for him, but we all know that’s not how it works anymore. However, now, we can decide with them.

Men don’t know the thousands of possibilities you have when it comes to lingerie. As you can see in our catalog, we have bodysuits, two pieces, baby dolls, and even panties with a secret vibrator that you can control by remote! So ask your partner what kind of lingerie would work with him, send him our hottest pieces of lingerie and have the sexiest night ever!

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